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16 Dec 2018

Wordpress Plugin Development - Interview Questions and Answers

Wordpresss is the most popular open source content management system(cms). It is used for more than 50 million websites. Below are the list of frequently asksed wordpress plugin developement questions and answers.

1 Sept 2017

Basic setup Information that you need to develop or building IONIC – native android and ios app

IONIC is free and open source mobile SDK for developing the native and progressive apps in simple and quick way. You don't need to know any new technology if you know html and javascript programming already.

27 Jul 2017

How to set cron job for running specific file in wordpress

As we know cron job is generally used to trigger or running time based execution of a task or custom code script. In wordpress it can be achieved using a plugin named as “Wp Crontrol”.

16 Sept 2016

Understanding Yii2 model view and controller functionality in simplest way

As we know Yii2 is PHP framework and based on MVC architecure. Here is the example based basic explanation for the Yii2 MVC structure.

6 Jul 2016

YII2 Development - Interview Questions and Answers

Yii ias fast, secure and high-performance component based PHPframework for developing large-scale Web applications rapidly. Below are the list of frequently asksed YII2 developement questions and answers.

YII2 installation using composer method

How to install YII2 advanced application using composer at local server wamp or xampp window environment. YII2 installation are easy but problematic also. Solution of the problem has been written below.