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28 Feb 2022

Gemstone and their Meaning and Powers in Astrology

Gemstones have a unique importance in Vedic or Hindu Astrology. Gemstones or astrological stones are utilized from times of ages to free the issues and worries caused via planets.

Gemstone and their Meaning and Powers in Astrology

What is Astrology?

Astrology is the name of the method by which the condition of the past, future, and present three dimensions can be known through the heavenly planets. Astrology is a science, but due to its lack of quality study and teaching as a science, it is remembered in the form of witchcraft(jadutona).

What is a Gemstone?

How are Gemstones formed?

Types of Gemstones

Natural Gemstones

Gemstone and their Powers

Importance of Gemstones in astrology

Which gemstone is for which planet?

Planets Astrological Gemstones
Sun Ruby
Moon Pearl
Mars Red Coral
Mercury Emerald
Jupiter Yellow Sapphire
Venus Diamond
Saturn Blue Sapphire
Rahu Hessonite and Garnet
Ketu Cat's Eye

Which stone is suitable for which finger?

Gemstone Finger
Yellow Sapphire, Topaz Index
Blue Sapphire, Hessonite, Cat’s Eye Middle
Ruby, Red Coral, Diamond Ring
Emerald, Moonstone, pearl Little
Finger Planet
Index Jupiter
Middle Saturn
Ring Sun, Mars
Little Mercury, Moon
Planet Gemstone Finger Effected Body Part
Jupiter Yellow Sapphire, Topaz Index Respiratory System, Stomach
Saturn Blue Sapphire, Hessonite, Cat’s Eye Middle Intestines, Liver, Brain
Sun, Mars Ruby, Red Coral, Diamond Ring Heart, Blood Circulation, Kidneys, Stomach, Respiratory System
Mercury, Moon Emerald, Moonstone, pearl Little Genitals, Legs, Feet

How do gemstones work scientifically?

The planet releases cosmic energy to human body that invoke with the sun’s rays - having seven color spectrums with two invisible ultraviolet and infrared colors. Thus the planet affect the humans through colors in the form of cosmic rays or energy.  The cosmic energy exuded from the planets matches the radiation from their corresponding gemstones.

 A particular gemstone assimilates and filters the astronomical or cosmic energy and hence permits a specific kind of energy to influence the human body for relieving the issues and worries of the human life. That’s why astrologers advice you to wear gemstone as per planetary position, place and movement of the planet in your birth chart or horoscope, so they touch or contact your body. This permits vast energy to enter human body to create positive and fortunate results.

Benefits of Gemstones in Astrology

Benefit of wearing gemstone is numerous but it’s important to be aware of the gemstone you are going wear assuming that will give fortunate or unfortunate impacts as per your birth chart or horoscope, otherwise, on account of resistance, that can likewise cause damage instead of benefitting.

Wearing gemstones for planetary fortunate and advantage, today commonness is developing quickly. Presently a day from the bollywood to industrialist and politician everybody is yielding gain of gemstones for positive and fortunate result in health, longevity, business, education, career and profession etc.

Many incurable diseases and ailments are eradicated by wearing the gemstone. Bad luck can be turned into good luck. Unfavorable planetary transits can be made favorable. Not only this, but for all kinds of progress, it is considered better to wear a gemstone.

Which gemstone should I wear according to my date of birth in Vedic astrology?

So to wear a gemstone in all actuality do counsels specialist astrologers before you wear them. A specialist astrologer, after cautious investigation of your weaker and stronger planets in the birth chart or horoscope, will provide you with a superior thought of which gemstone will suit you the best.

Always make sure to purchase the gemstone from a solid and confirmed source. Weight and wearing finger name and position of the gemstone additionally matters so take and adhere to the astrologer guidelines and advice.

Do gemstones work in Vedic astrology?

You should wear new and naturally derived gemstone not artificially tempered. Try not to wear utilized gemstone. Utilized gemstone can get scratches and oily layer on their surface throughout some stretch of time that can blocks the beams and energy that they get from the planets and it won't give the prophetic advantages.

Lifespan of gemstones or how long can gemstone last?

Every gemstone is most extreme effective for planetary and astrological advantages for an individual for a decent timeframe. When this timeframe of wearing is over the individual ought to go in for another gemstone and it will again be astrologically powerful and effective for the time span written here as - Diamond: 10 years, Ruby and Sapphire: 8 to 10 years, Emerald: 5 to 8 years, Coral - Hessonite Garnet and Cat’s Eye: 3 to 5 years, Natural Pearl: 5 to 8 years, the wide range of various uparatnas and other semi-valuable substitute gemstones are said to have a life expectancy of 3 years.

Gemstones list with pictures and meanings

As indicated by Vedic astrology our nine planets address the nine specific gemstones. Details and meanings of every gemstone has been illustrated underneath –

It is white in color and called king of all gemstone and addresses the venus planet.

Benefits of wearing diamond in vedic astrology
It provides internal solidarity to confront life's battles in general to the wearer. It upgrades the certainty, development and adjusting power in their dealings, relationship and individuals. The wearer of this gemstone gets favored with respectful riches and predominance.

Who should wear diamond gemstone?
One who are born under Virgo and Libra as it offers best of luck and success. Other zodiac signs can wear the diamond gemstone at specific times and under specific circumstances.

In which finger to wear diamond ring according to astrology
Although the Mercury planet which associate to index finger and Saturn Planet which associate to middle finger - are freind or companion of the Venus planet, that is why diamond can be worn on any fingers of your hands. So, the diamond gemstone is worn on the middle finger in the right hand.

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Best Books for Astrology


Sugam Vedic Jyotish

Sugam Vedic Jyotish

Book Description

The has been written in very simple manner so that beginner can start to learn Astrology. The topics that has been explained and covered in this book are - Kunli ka nirman, Grah, Rashi, Bhav, Phalit ke sidhant, Kundli ki Vivechna, Yog, Vivah aur Vaiwahik jeevan, Santan, Stri Kundli, Chikitsha Jyotish aur Mahavwapurn Yog, Wyawshaya wa aajeevika, karak, dasha nirnaya, gochar, videsh yatrayein, kundli milan, etc.

Book details

Format: Paperback
Rating: 4.6 out of 5
Print Length: 404 pages
Publication Date: 1 January 2013
Publisher: Sagar Publications
Paperback Price: Rs. 375.00*
*Price and stock are correct and available at the time of article publication.

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The Nakshatras: A Journey into the World of Vedic Astrology

The Nakshatras: A Journey into the World of Vedic Astrology

Book Description

Nakshatras are an important cornerstone of Jyotisastra. Together with the Rashis, Bhavas and Grahas, the Nakṣatras form the basic building block. The knowledge of the Nakṣats is as vast as the ocean, and no matter how much one thinks about it, it is not enough.

The author tries to present it concisely in the book, but in a structured way, so that the searchers do not get lost in the vast world.

Nakṣatras form an important basis for defining psychological impulses. Besides, they find great use in delineating Janma and Muhūrta Kuṇḍalī.

Book details

Format: Paperback
Rating: 4.8 out of 5
Author: Sarajit Poddar
Print Length: 498 pages
Publication Date: 1 February 2022
Publisher: Notion Press
Paperback Price: Rs. 675.00 *
*Price and stock are correct and available at the time of article publication.

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Aao Jyotish Seekhein: Simplest Book to Learn Astrology

Aao Jyotish Seekhein: Simplest Book to Learn Astrology

Book Description

There is so much attraction to miraculous astrology that millions of people want to learn it. That is why it is always the desire of the readers to get such a primary book written in a simple, comprehensible, and interesting style, which can be read and learned astrology. This book has fulfilled this purpose in the true sense.

There are multiple topics in this book have been included in this books which are - Origin and importance of astrology, the utility of astrology, differences of astrology, sky introduction, the origin of the solar system, planet introduction, constellation, and zodiac introduction, and what is horoscope, the importance of horoscope, twelve horoscopes of the birth chart, types of birth charts, information about birth chart, Simple method of making a birth chart, position of planets in twelve zodiac signs, birth star results, horoscope to know birth sign, future of fruits.

Book details

Format: Kindle Edition, Paperback
Rating: 3.8 out of 5
Author: Tilak Chand Tilak
Print Length: 122 pages
Publication Date: 1 January 2011
Publisher: V&S Publishers
Kindle Price: Rs. 133.60*
Paperback Price: Rs. 167.00 *
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Jyotish Shaastra Basic: Simple method to learn astrology

Jyotish Shaastra Basic: Simple method to learn astrology

Book Description

A simple method of learning Vedic astrology has been told in this book.

The contents of this book are intended for certain types of uses, such as education, research, and teaching.

All the related solutions, remedies and procedures and procedures mentioned and given in the book are as per our ancient Indian literature and Vedic scriptures.

Most of the material and work excerpts in the book are relevant for the educational purposes of the respective courses.

Book details

Format: Kindle Edition, Paperback
Author: Harshajit Mehta Chetan Gajjar
Print Length: 181 pages
Publication Date: 3 July 2022
Text-to-Speech: Enabled
Screen Reader: Supported
Enhanced typesetting: Enabled
Word Wise: Not Enabled
Paperback Price: Rs. 299.00*
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Bhartiye Jyotish Vigyaan

Bhartiye Jyotish Vigyaan

Book Description

In the absence of general knowledge of any subject to the general public, many misconceptions arise in the general public regarding that subject.

Astrology is a science, but due to its lack of study/teaching as a science, it is remembered in the form of witchcraft or as a means of relief during sudden calamities.

Due to this its scientific form is lost in the clouds of ignorance. Various dimensions and information of astrology have been described in this book. The topics that have been mentioned in this book are - Jyotish ek bigyan kyon, Jyotihs bigyan ke mul tatwa, Warah rashion ke samanya gun, grahon ke samanya gun, barah bhawon ka mahatwa, Jyotish phal vichar

Book details

Format: Kindle Edition
Rating: 5 out of 5
Author: Ravinder Kumar Dubey
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Publication Date: 26 May 2022
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