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8 May 2022

Interview questions and answers for BPO

As we know there are multiple process and operations involvement for running a business, company, organization or industry such as production, marketing, sales, customer care or support.

Interview questions and answers for BPO Many company or industry wants to do their core business only as they have expertise in it. They prefer to outsource or hire another company to perform a specific business process or function efficiently that can handle a business task better than they can in-house.

This type of hiring and outsourcing concept generated a popular industry that is called BPO. It was originally used in the manufacturing industry but is now expanded and used for many business processes like - profit business, non-profit business and also government institutions.

Some companies or organizations outsource an entire function or business process such as the hiring staff or HR department to a single vendor or service provider. Other companies or organizations outsource only specific process within a functional area such as only customer support process.

The BPO company prefer to hire skilled and efficient individual for the growth and improvement of his outsourcer company or organization as per his commitment to them. The following interview questions and answers for fresher as well as experienced, that will help to you for handling the interviewer's queries, smartly and efficiently -

What is BPO?
It stands for "Business Process Outsourcing". It is a type of business practice in which a company or an organisation outsource one of his business process to other company or service provider or vendor to save time and cost for improving the company or organisation's growth efficiently.

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