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10 May 2022

Best Questions Answers How To prepare Windows Server Interview

As we know the server is a extremely powerful and special type of computer with exclusive hardware and software which gives functionality and resources eg. - data, services, or programs for other computers and devices.

Windows Server  Interview Questions and Answers

Microsoft is one of the leading companies which have produced business and personal servers under the name - "Windows Server" since Windows Server 2003 was launched in April 2003.

The Windows Server department is a very important and vital part of the company, institution, or organization as it controls, monitors, and handles network, system, web services, databases, etc. in order to maintain the company or institution's work process. That is why the company, institution, or an organization wants someone as a "Windows Server or System Administrator" to manage and monitor its server in order to maintain productivity. The company or institution always prefers to hire an experienced, skilled and knowledgeable individual for the post of "Windows Server or System Administrator".

The following frequently asked "Windows Server Questions and Answers" will help to handle the interviewer and also enhance your knowledge -

What is Windows Server?
Ans. - Windows Server is a brand name for a group of server operating systems (OS) and has been developed since 2003 by Microsoft. It is made to share resources or services with numerous users and give broad managerial control of systems, corporate networks, data storage, and applications.

Can you tell me the name of the application or services in which Windows Server is used?
Ans. - Websites Hosting, APIs, and enterprise-level management applications.

What is the latest release of Windows Server?
Ans. - The latest release (in August 2021) name is "Windows Server 2022".

What are the previous releases of the Windows Server?
Ans. - Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2019

What is the default user interface name in Windows Server?
Ans. - Powershell and Windows shell

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What are difference between Windows Server and Windows?
Ans. - Windows Server -
- It supports RAM up to 24 TB
- It supports more number of CPU up to 64
- It provides network connection more than 20
- It is mainly released for servers level systems e.g. Workstation, rack, tower etc.
- It gives work ability to multiple users logging and work simultaneously
- It does tasks in background
- It gives ability for creating static IP address for client machines, creating dynamic users, deploying an operating system remotely to other machines and more.
Windows -
- It supports RAM up to 2 TB (can go up to 6 TB with Windows 10 Pro for Workstation
- It supports limited number of CPU max up to 4
- It provides network connection up to 20
- It's mainly released for user level systems e.g. desktop, laptop, tablet, mobile etc,
- It gives ability to work only one user at a time, of course you can create multiple user accounts
- It does tasks in foreground

What is the role or responsibility of a Windows Server Administrator or Windows Administrator or System Administrator?
Ans. - The System Administrator is responsible for maintaining, supporting, upgrading and installing Windows-based systems and servers. Server Administrator day to day duties are -
- Monitoring system performance and logs
- Maintaining system security and access control
- Creating and restoring system backups for critical situation
- Providing tech. support and guidelines.

What is the full form of DNS?
Ans. - The full form of DNS is - Domain Name System

What is DNS?
Ans. - It stands for "Domain Name System". The DNS is directory of names of internet sites that match with numbers i.e. IP addresses. The computer uses these IP address to communicate with other computer in the network or internet. When a user enters the name (e.g. yahoo.com) in the browser, it is the DNS that matches and determines the right IP address for that domain name as underlying process.

What is a Proxy Server?
Ans. - A proxy server is an especial type of computer system or router that uses an IP address of its own and acts as a gateway between user or local or private network and the internet. All the traffic flows through the proxy server on its way to the address you requested in the browser. Thus, it provides extra level of security and privacy.

What is the DNS query?
Ans. - A DNS Query is a request for information sent from a DNS Client(user's computer) to a DNS Server for resolving a host or a domain name to an IP address.
In most cases a DNS request or query is sent, to ask for the IP address associated with a domain name or Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN).

What are the types of DNS query?
Ans. - There are three basic types of DNS queries. They are -
- Recursive queries,
- Iterative queries,
- Inverse queries

What is INODE?
Ans. - INODE is the short form of “index nodes” which relates with UNIX and LINUX file system for keeping the track of file storage. It uses a file data structure that stores information about any Linux file except its name and data.

What are default user interface used in Windows Server?
Ans. - Windows shell, PowerShell, Windows Admin Center

What type of license mode is available for Windows Server?
Ans. - Trialware, SaaS, or volume licensing

What is the official website of the Windows Server?
Ans. - https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-server

What is LDAP?
Ans. - LDAP is the short form of "Lightweight Directory Access Protocol" which is a lightweight version(a small code snippet) of DAP(Directory Access Protocol). It is used for finding or locating the data(about organizations, individuals and other resources e.g. - files and devices in a network) whether on the public Internet or on a corporate Intranet.

What is RAID in Windows Server?
Ans. - RAID is the short form of "Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks" which is a type of virtual disk technology. It is used for combining the multiple physical drives into single unit or array logically. It improves drives speed and performance.
There are mulitple type of RAID on the basis of configuration e.g.- RAID 0 (Striping), RAID 1 (Mirroring) etc.

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What is the FSMO roles in Windows Server?>
Ans. – FSMO roles stands for Flexible Single Master Operation roles. These are services each hosted separately on a Domain Controller in an Active Directory forest. Every role has a particular goal for example time keeping in sync through devices, conrolling security identifiers etc.

Give five names of FSMO roles?
Ans. - Microsoft divided the power of a Domain Controller(DC) into five specific FSMO roles for making full Active Directory(AD) system as following -
  1. RID Master
  2. PDC Emulator
  3. Schema Master
  4. Infrastructure Master
  5. Domain Naming Master
What is the Active Directory database?
Ans. - Active Directory database is used to keep the data regarding the AD objects in the domain. For example – users data, user logon processes, authentication, directory searches, computers, printers, shared folders, object of another object etc. These information is kept in three files - ntds.dit, edb*.log, and temp.edb.

How can you differentiate a thread and a computer process in Windows OS?
Ans. - The computer process is an executable program that makes an application after combining one or more processes.

The thread is the basic unit or part of the computer process for which the windows operating system specified processor time. A thread can perform one or multiple part of the process code for example - one thread for sending an error message to the user, another thread for handling error signal.

What is PowerShell in Windows Server?
Ans. - PowerShell is the command-line shell and scripting language of the Windows that is used for system administration purpose to control and automate the applications that run on Windows Server environment. The PowerShell commands are called cmdlets in Windows.

Where the Active Directory(AD) database is stored?
Ans. - Active Directory database is stored in the location - %SystemRoot%\NTDS. You can find the default AD database at - C:\Windows\NTDS
The main database file is - ntds.dit. You can view the following other files in the NTDS folder -ntds.dit, edb.log, res1.log, res2.log, edb.chk, temp.edb etc.

Which engine is used in the Active Directory(AD) database?
Ans. - AD database uses the "Extensible Storage Engine(ESE)" which is an indexed and sequential access method database(known as ISAM database) for faster record access capability. It can store more than two billions of records.

Below is the Pdf version of the Windows Server Interview Questions and Answers pdf file -

You can download the Windows Server Interview Quesitons and Answers at "Windows Server Interviews Questions and Answers pdf file".
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