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10 Sept 2022

What is Dark Web in Cyber Security

In the era of easy access and growing scope of the internet, we all should be aware of the dark web - the hidden world of the internet.

What is Dark Web in Cyber Security

There are multiple of Dark Web market in the world that are operating anonymously. It is important to know where and how these are operating and how the criminals and bad elements of the human society is using this.

These markets offer a variety of criminals, a comfortable and profitable lifestyle, so it’s important to stay ahead of the curve in order to stay safe online.

Types of Internet or Web

As the world becomes increasingly connected, it’s more important than ever to keep your data and information safe. Today, in the world, human beings have made a lot of progress technically and the internet has played the most role in this progress. People are now habituated to the Internet, there is hardly any productive work in which the Internet does not play a role.

Under the appearance of this positive technological progress of human beings, even those with negative and destructive thinking are making their progress and growth by adopting the wrong methods. On the basis of all these facts, the Internet is divided into three parts.

Surface Web

The surface Web is the first layer of the Internet where users connect to websites using their IP addresses. As we know that a user's IP address is how computers identify each other.

The surface web is only 5 percent of the entire internet. Surface web helps users to complete tasks online. Most common people use it. No permission is required to use it.

Using social sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and WhatsApp, streaming videos, booking any kind of tickets, and playing online games are all covered under Surface Web.

Surface Web websites are indexed by search engines like Google, Bing, etc., and through which pages on the Surface Web can be easily accessed! It includes features like an address book, calendar, to-do list, and more. Surface Web is popular among students, job seekers, and business owners who need to keep track of their work and personal information online.

Deep Web

The deep web is the second layer of the internet. It consists of websites that require special software to access them. Websites in this layer use encryption technology to secure their content. The Deep Web is about 96-97% of the Internet, so the Deep Web is considered the largest part of the Internet!

Not everyone has access to deep websites, only those who have the site's username and password or a specific link to those sites, e. g. Facebook, Gmail, etc.  Deep website is mostly used in government offices, banks, companies, etc.

The deep web can also be called the internet of personal information because the data of any office, bank, and a company that is on the internet is personal data, so personal data cannot be searched on search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.

Everything comes under Deep Website because only those people who have a username and password for that account can open these accounts.

The Deep Web is a set of websites and other online resources that are not indexed by search engines. This means that they can be difficult to find and even harder to protect from data breaches. The Deep Web can be used for criminal activity, such as pirating copyrighted materials, or for data breaches, such as the one that occurred in July of 2018 when Google revealed that its user data had been accessed through the Deep Web website Wickr

Everything comes under Deep Web because only those people who have a username and password for that account can open these accounts! The Deep Web is about 96-97% of the Internet, so the Deep Web is considered the largest part of the Internet! There is only one type of deep web called a Dark website.

Dark Web

The dark web is known as the third layer of the internet. Unlike the deep web, the dark web is not encrypted. Because of this, anyone can visit these sites without being identified.

The dark web is called a hidden part of the Internet that is accessed through special types of software or browsers. It is often referred to as the Deep Web, although they are not the same thing. The Dark Web is a place where illegal activities take place, including drug trafficking and hacking. It is also a place where people sell their personal information and identities.

The Dark Web is actually just a small portion of the deep web, which is much larger than the dark web. The deep web is any website that isn't indexed by search engines, meaning that if someone were to type in a specific URL, they would never find it.

The dark web is a bit harder to navigate than the regular internet since it doesn't use standard URLs. Instead, it uses encrypted connections called Tor.

While the dark web is not always safe, it is safer than the normal internet. However, there are some risks involved with visiting the dark web, such as being tracked by law enforcement agencies and having your personal information stolen.

Why should you know about the Dark Web?

Today man has made a lot of progress in the field of technology, and every work of life has been connected with the internet or online activity in some form or other. But with the progress, many of us are also misusing online technology. How and where this abuse is being done should be known to everyone who uses online activity to keep their digital life and their assets safe.

That's why everyone should know about the use and effect of the dark web.

Is the Dark Web illegal?

Most people understand that operating the dark web is illegal. Only hackers and criminals use the dark web and not everyone can use the dark web.

But this is not the case, using the dark web is not illegal. It can be used by any person who knows how to use the Internet. But if you do any kind of wrongdoing or any crime or are found involved then it is definitely illegal.

Why people are using the Dark Web?

There are many reasons why someone might want to use the dark web. One of the biggest reasons is to avoid detection by law enforcement agencies.

Another reason is to browse the dark web without leaving any digital footprints behind. Using the dark web is also a great way to shop anonymously.

There are many different types of items sold on the dark web, including drugs, weapons, and even hacking tools.

How to access the Dark Web safely?

In order to access the dark web, you need to download a browser called Tor. Tor is free and open-source software that helps protect your identity online. Tor uses encryption to anonymize web traffic by bouncing data around a distributed network of relays run by volunteers around the world. Tor's design prevents the sites people visit from learning anything about their physical location or any individual computer they're visiting the site from.

Once you have downloaded the Tor Browser, you will then need to create a new account using a fake name.

You should only use a fake name if you want to remain anonymous while browsing the dark web. After you have created your account, you will need to set up your security settings. These settings will help prevent others from accessing your information.

When you are ready to start searching for items on the dark web, you will need to visit a related website or marketplace. There is multiple marketplaces available where users sell illegal goods anonymously.

To buy something from this marketplace, you will first need to upload a payment method. Then, you will choose what item you would like to purchase.

Finally, you will enter your shipping address and wait for your package to arrive.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Question

Why do hackers use dark web?

Hackers know that the work they are doing falls under the category of crime such as cyber attacks, human trafficking etc., so they prefer to work in the shadow, where their identity is protected from security related agencies. That's why they prefer to use the dark web.

Is dark web safe?

The dark web is not safe. No one's original and authentic identity is there, and no one can track or control anyone, as Tor servers keep users and publishers completely anonymous. Therefore, there is no authenticity of the content, products and services available on the dark web.

Can we track dark web?

No, you cannot track or control the dark web. You can't track hackers' identity, they can't identify you, only you can know what they're providing on the site.

Can you access the dark web on a phone?

Yes, you can access by installing Tor Browser app on your mobile, Android has an official Tor Browser app which you can download and use.

Who created the dark web and why?

TOR (The Onion Router) software had been developed for a positive perspective by US Navy to protect the identities of its intelligence agents, in mid-1990.

Can police track you on the dark web?

No, police cannot track you on the dark web. On a general web browser, every user is connected through an IP address, which can be tracked by security agencies and know your location and address, but on dark web, dark web browser generates fake IP which cannot be of use to security agencies. Thus the police are unable to track you on the dark web.

How many users use the dark web?

There is a general belief that the number of things available illegally is unlimited. Yet according to the available raw data, more than 2 million users per day work their way to underground sites using the Dark Web via the Tor (The Onion Router) network.

Can I access dark web from Chrome?

No, you cannot access it from Chrome. You cannot access it even from other general browsers like Firefox, or Safari. You can only access the dark web using a special type of browser called the Tor (The Onion Router) browser.

Is Tor illegal?

No, it's not illegal, you can download it for free and use it if you want to hide IP address and browsing history.

Can the dark web be shut down?

Yes, the dark web can be turned off. It does not have any security for the users, so the agencies related to the security can turn it off at any time. But one thing is to be noted that even after closing many darknet markets, new marketplaces open up.

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