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12 Sept 2022

www full form

This is one of the most used technology in the world in which we store documents and access those documents using the internet through URL box.

Word Wide Web The Web

What is the full form of WWW?

The full form of WWW is the World Wide Web.
WWW stands for World Wide Web.
WWW is an abbreviation for World Wide Web
WWW ka full form -World Wide Web

What is the WWW?

There is a huge network of interconnected websites all over the world which we call the World Wide Web or WWW. Through this network, website users access various types of information using the Internet.

You should also know that WWW is also called web, which we can also say as a catalog of websites.


WWW was invented on 12 March 1989 by Sir Tim Berners-Lee, a British computer scientist and former employee of CERN (an international scientific organization based in Geneva, Switzerland). There, the HTTP protocol was developed for server-client communication, and in January 1992, a text-based web browser was published.

What is a web server?

A WWW system is a computer connected to the Internet on which the content of webpages or applications are kept. These content or applications can be viewed and updated (if permitted) by an internet user using special software or program called a web browser. The physical location of the web server can be anywhere in the world.

What is a web browser?

As we know that in the WWW system, many types of documents (also called webpages)  and downloadable content are made available to the entire network by placing them on the web server. To access these materials a special software or program is used which is called a web browser.

Using a web browser, we or Internet users can not only view and read documents or webpages but also navigate many other webpages by clicking on hyperlinks. The hyperlink is a method by which we can link a webpage or document to another webpage.

Mark Andreessen was first launched in the United States in September 1993, a web browser called Mosaic, after which WWW's identity began to grow rapidly.

This was followed by the launch of many new web browsers in the following years, such as Netscape Navigator in April 1994, Internet Explorer (IE) browser in 1995, Firefox in 2004, and Chrome browser in 2008.

The following is a list of several popular web browsers that we are using today – Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer, Safari, Netscape Navigator, etc.

What is a URL?

URL full form is Uniform Resource Locator. There are unlimited and huge information stores on the World Wide Web, and we access each piece of information with a unique identity which is a kind of character string. Where we enter this specific identity and character strings, it is called a URL box.

It is a type of text box in which we type website addresses for example - www.google.com, yahoo.com, etc.

What is a web page?

All types of information or other material are used in the WWW system in a special format, which is called a hypertext document. This document is called a webpage in which we can access the available information through the Internet. HTML language is used to write content or information on a webpage. The unlimited web pages available in the world are divided into two types which are as follows -

Static page

The information or content of a static web page is visible to the user as it is stored on the server, so the same information in a static web page is visible to all the users.

Dynamic pages

Unlike static pages, the contents of dynamic pages are different from user to user as the content in dynamic pages is variable based which is controlled by server-side scripts. For example- Facebook and Twitter profile pages. The information on a profile page is different for each user like name and other information, while each user commonly refers to that page as a profile page. Here the profile page will be called a dynamic page.

What is the Website?

In the WWW system, a website is a collection of one or more web pages. These web pages can contain many types of content such as - text, video, audio, or other multimedia content. These websites are publicly available on the Internet using a specific identity on the web server called the website domain name. Some popular website names are - google.com, yahoo.com, amazon.com, facebook.com,

What is HTML?

HTML full form is Hypertext Markup Language. In the WWW system, a special language or format is used to write or display information in a document or webpage, which is called Hypertext Markup Language.

This document type can contain plain text, images, scripts, embedded video and audio content. The following sample shows very basic code that is used in the HTML web page -
    <title>Tite of the Web Page</title>
    <p>This is content that you want to show in this web page or document.</p>

What is web protocols?

In the WWW system, a special and global standard procedure and rules have been created for communication and information exchange between computers and other devices, which is called Web or Internet Protocol. Examples of the most important and popular protocols in the Internet are -
- TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol),
- HTTP (Hypertext Transmission Protocol),
- HTTPS (Secure Hypertext Transmission Protocol),
- SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol).

What is HTTP?

Full form of HTTP or HTTP ka full form - Hypertext Transfer Protocol. The WWW system has a standard rule and procedure for exchanging information or any other type of content over the Internet, which is called the Internet Protocol. The Internet protocol used to view or exchange web pages that are written in hypertext format(also called hypertext document) is called HTTP protocol.

What is HTTPS?

HTTPS full form or Full form of HTTPS - Secure Hypertext Transfer Protocol. For secure information exchange in WWW systems, an Internet protocol has been created called Secure Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTPS).

It is an extension of Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) which is used by adopting a layer of security. In this, data is encrypted using Transport Layer Security (TLS) or, formerly, Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), before it is exchanged over the Internet.

What is a hyperlink?

You know that HTML language is used to write information or other content in a webpage.

To navigate from one webpage to another in WWW system, we write special type of code, which is called anchor tag in HTML language. This is called a hyperlink or linking of a page, which has a basic example -
<a href="http://yourdomain.com/index.html">Home</a>

What is the Deep web?

In the www system, such websites or webs that are not indexed in standard web search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc., so you cannot directly or publicly access those websites or the content of the web. This is the reason that this type of web or websites is called deep web, invisible web or hidden web.

To access the deep web, you have to follow a password or other security access pattern. Examples of this type of web are banking websites, trading websites, web mail sites, etc. Deep web accounts for about 96-97% of the Internet in the world.

What is Web Cookie?

When a user visits a website, the website stores a small piece of data on the user's computer via the user's web browser, which is called a web cookie, Internet cookie, browser cookie, or simply a cookie.

By this code, the website is able to access the browsing activity of the user such as when the user last visited the website, etc.

What is Web Caching?

Web cache is a process of storing data or information that is located on a web server. Its most important job is to present the web page faster, apart from this, the web server gets overloading protection.

Are WWW and Internet the same?

Most people think of the internet and www as the same thing but it is not so. Both are different from each other.

The Internet is a global system of computer networks around the world that are connected by telecommunications and optical networking. Whereas, the World Wide Web is a global collection of pages and other resources, which are interconnected through hyperlinks and URIs.

The Internet is the only way by which we can access and read the web pages available on www and the hypertext information contained in them.

What are the features of WWW?

The World Wide Web has many features; some of the main features are as follows:

  • It is a platform-independent application which means you can use it on any device.
  • It offers dynamic, engaging and ever-changing content.
  • It provides a way to access all types of services in a single medium.
  • It gives us the ability to communicate anytime and anywhere in the world.
  • It is a type of specialized technology in which hypertext documents are stored.
  • It is a special type of distributed system in which many different types of websites are connected.

What are the advantages of WWW?

WWW has many and unlimited advantages. There are the following popular advantages of the world wide web -

  • It easily provides us with millions of news and general information from around the world.
  • It serves as a showcase for your hidden talents - singing, dancing, filmmaking, etc. You can learn anything through www.
  • It provides you with unlimited ways to earn money like website development, software development, etc.
  • You can do online shopping, banking, etc. You do not need to leave the house to do this work.
  • It provides online communication for contacting people via social sites, video calls, etc.
  • It gives a better option for planning vacation activities like booking flights, hotels, locations etc.
  • You can watch millions of movies of your choice.
  • You can take multiple degree through online classes.

What are the disadvantages of WWW?

In spite of many advantages, www also has some disadvantages, which are as follows -

  • Young people spend a lot of time in non-productive work like online chats,etc.
  • People are getting used to it
  • There are lots of fake and misleading information are available.
  • There is a security issue regarding data or information privacy.
  • There are many online frauds in the financial sector.
  • There is easily accessible content for abusing activities

FAQ - Frequently Asked Question

What is the full form of WWW and HTML?

Full form of WWW - World Wide Web, Full form of HTML - Hypertext Markup Language.

Who invented WWW full form?

Sir Tim Berners-Lee
A British computer scientist and former employee of CERN (an international scientific organization based in Geneva, Switzerland).

www full form in hindi

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