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8 May 2022

Tally Interview Questions and Answers

As we know there are multiple tasks and transactions involves in the business financials. These tasks can be handled easily by accounting software.

Tally Interview Questions and Answers These software give ability to record the transactions, process and present the business information in the form of reports, giving a whole scenario of the company. Thus it helps to keep track of all the financial records and manage various accounting tasks. e.g. invoicing, bill payment, payroll, reporting etc.

The small and medium-sized business enterprises or company are using different type of accounting software as per their needs. The different kinds of accounting software do different things and tasks (accounting and bookkeeping). Tally is one of the popular (more than 1.8 million customers as per company sales data) accounting software in those. These companies or enterprises want to recruit a person or acountant knowing about Tally very well.

Here are the lists of interview questions and answers which will help to you to handle the company interviewer panel's questions confidently -

What is Tally?
Ans - Tally is an ERP(Enterprise Resource Planning) accounting software which is used for maintaining small and medium-sized business and personal accounts related tasks e.g. - invoicing, costing, inventory, payroll, budgeting, taxing and reporting etc. It has been launched by Banglore based an Indian multinational technology company - Tally Solutions Pvt. Ltd. in 1999.

What is latest version of Tally?
Ans - TallyPrime launched in 2020

What are the previous versions of the Tally?
Ans - Tally 8.1 in 2006, Tally 9 in 2006, Tally.ERP 9 in 2009

What is the official website of Tally?
Ans - https://tallysolutions.com/

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